Coordination meeting via videoconferencing of RCA Project RAS5077 was held


The coordination meeting of RCA Project RAS5077 was held on 8 to 9 October 2020 to access progress of the project via videoconferencing due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. A virtual dry run for preparatory meeting was conducted on the 5 October 2020. Ms Sobhana Sivasankar, Section Head of the Plant Breeding and Genetics, Mr Isaac Kofi Bimpong, Technical Officer of the Project (FAO/IAEA Joint Division), Mr Sinh Van Hoang, Programme Management Officer and RCA Focal Person, and 17 National Project Coordinators or senior members of national project teams from Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Lao P.D.R., Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam participated in the meeting.



Prof. Luxiang Liu, the Lead Country Coordinator of RAS5077 presented the background, overall objectives and target green traits focused under this project. Prof. Liu also concluded his presentation by enumerating on the main regional activities and key achievements of the progresses. Since 2019, five protocols of mutation induction by heavy ion beam irradiation were optimized; 78 advanced promising mutant lines, in which 19 mutant lines including rice, wheat, maize, soybean and chickpea with improved green traits were released; human resources in GPs were strengthened by conducting 2 training courses and functional activity of the Asia and Oceania Association of Plant Mutagenesis (AOAPM).

Individual country progress reports were presented by each of participating GPs, each presentation was followed by lively discussions, questions and answers. Planning activities and update of the regional workplan were also discussed in details. The meeting was also used as an occasion to reinforce the activities of AOAPM.