Prof. Liu Luxiang, born in Fengxiang County in Shaanxi Province, February 1965, graduated from China Agricultural University and got the Master of Agronomy degree in July 1989, worked at the Atomic Energy Research Institute of CAAS in the same year, and served as deputy director and then director of Department of Plant Breeding Research. He led the Department as a whole to join the newly established Institute of Crop Sciences of CAAS in 2003, and served successively as the director of the Space Breeding Research Center, deputy director and then director of the Department of Genetic Breeding, and he is currently the division chief of Scientific Research Office of Institute of Crop Sciences, CAAS. In 2006, he was appointed chief scientist of national space breeding by the Ministry of Agriculture, and meanwhile he also served as the director of the National Crop Space Mutagenesis Techniques Improvement Center, deputy secretary general of China Society of Agricultural Biotechnology, secretary general of Crop Biotechnology Society under China Society of Agricultural Biotechnology, chairman of Radiation Genetics and Space Breeding Committee under Chinese Society of Nuclear Agricultural Sciences, member of State Manned Aerospace Applications Expert Panel, general coordinator of International Atomic Energy’s plant mutation breeding projects in Asia-Pacific regions, the general convener of Asia-Pacific Plant Mutation Research Network, editorial board member of Horticulture, Environment and Biotechnology, and deputy editor of Journal of Nuclear Agricultural Sciences.

He has been long engaged in identifying new factors leading to plant mutation and in nuclear radiation, space breeding and wheat cell engineering breeding research, and takes the charge of coordinating National Nuclear Radiation Mutation Breeding Network, National Space Breeding Network and the Asia-Pacific International Plant Mutation Research Network, and leads a number of projects funded by National Space Breeding Special Project, National Support Program, National 863 Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Agricultural Nonprofit Industry Special Research Projects, Bio-Breeding Special Projects and International Cooperation Projects, etc. He has developed crop aerospace mutagenesis, nuclear radiation mutagenesis target mutant directed screening technology and wheat vitro mutagenesis single-cell system breeding technological system, found new ways for mutagenesis improvement in ground-simulated space environment, created the new germplasm H307 and dynamic backbone parental clusters that raise wheat anther culture green plantlet yield to over 30%, created Jing 411 and Zhongmai 175 wheat cultivars mutation bank through mutagenesis, and approved 15 new varieties of wheat, maize, rice and vegetables. He wins 4 provincial and ministerial awards, gets 4 authorized patents, applies for 7 patents and 2 rights to protection of new varieties, publishes over 130 papers, participates in the compilation of 2 textbooks, hosts 4 international conferences /seminars and 1 national conference, and guides 27 postgraduate students including 8 still on campus.